Do You Want to Grow Your Blog and Make Money? Give Something for Free

Blogging is writing. The pen I believe has always been mightier than the sword. With writing, you can pen your thoughts thereby adding value to the walk of life. Should your thoughts, ideas remain consistent, you may and will ever find someone somewhere who has read your work. They may even take your thoughts to heart and start doing and living out your dream.
Paper and print is patient, but may also be trying and testing for both reader and writer alike. Then if you have punch, your potential readers will remember your work for years to come.
Therefore when writing, write sense with effectual communication.

The Art of Blogging

Some might say that we live in a world of free entertainment and information. Ads are supposed to finance everyone’s needs. Somehow.

To make matters worse, there isn’t a single day that goes by without a e-book, video, or podcast being released for free. Products that offer the kind of content that a lot of people would pay quite a lot for.

You’d think that income from blogging would be shrinking in the face of all this free information, but it keeps getting stronger. How can that be?

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