One Hundred+ (100+) Bible Mandate

Needed 100 Bibles Mandate
Your Word is a Lamp unto my feet & a Light to my Path

One Hundred+(100+) Bible Mandate

One Hundred+ Bible Mandate

It has just recently come to our notice out from Kenya. We have received a request for one hundred (100) Bibles for a ministry in Kenya. They are requesting and seeking Bibles in both their Mother tongue (Swahili 50 Units) and also in English (50 Units).

If possible we would appreciate every and all available assistance. We know that the Word of God is also God’s Handbook (Life”s Manual). Scripture reminds us the Word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a Light for our Path.

From our correspondence we have found out there is a great hunger for God’s Word throughout Kenya and East Africa. I found this out during last year after I returned from my 5-nation SADC Ministry Tour, with Bob Koo of Fresh Living Water Ministries in April.

Immediately on my return, I received a call from a Bishop Wilberforce Muhindi of New Covenant of Jesus Ministries, Kisumu, Bungoma County, Kenya. They invited me to attend as the main speaker at their Christian Leaders and Women’s Conference during August. Due to financial constraints, I was unable to visit them.

Meanwhile, they had spoken with me i.c.w their Youth & Rehabilitation Centre. They wanted me to take up this challenge during last year as well. Until date, I have put it on hold as I am unable to fulfil their mandate. We regularly pray for them, for the Lord’s Will to be made manifest. We believe the Lord is busy establishing His Kingdom in Kenya as an International, Major, Ministry, Media and Revival Centre in Kenya.

During the course of this month (February 2019), they invited me to visit them during December this year D.V. Further Wilberforce indicated that he needs to see us and discuss their ministry plans. Presently we are unable to accommodate him with a venue and a place to stay. We have spoken with some of the leadership of I Am Global Ministries, awaiting an answer.

Please consider supporting and praying with us in this matter. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. We have also received a request for Urdu Bibles for Pakistan. Pray with us for our Lord’s Provision & His Supernatural, Holy Spirit filled intervention in Jesus (Yeshuah’s) Name! Amen!

Together in The Lord’s Harvest

Ian R & Joan E Lottering

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dd: – 2019 Feb 23

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All and any donations for the furtherance and establishing God’s Kingdom throughout Africa and the rest of the world is greatly appreciated and would assist us with the furtherance of God’s Kingdom Gospel.


Ian R Lottering


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