Welcome to Seniors

How often have we heard this phrase? "Welcome to the senior years of your Life! Well done on earning and obtaining your senior certificate. Congratulations on your senior years. Our one single life is made up of different seasons. Every season having its own unique traits. These become more, rich and real in our years, as we mature in age. From the day of our conception including our last breath our life is recorded in "Heaven's Library!" Even recorded in our own special "Book of Life!" David knew about these matters.  He wrote in Psalms about the days of our life being numbered by our Lord.12 So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.  (Ps 90:12 AMPC Number our days)

Prayer Requests

Pray Without Ceasing Prayer Requests 1 New Covenant of Jesus Christ Ministries 1.1 Prayer Requests Bishop Wilberforce Muhindi Bungoma County, Kisumu Kenya East Africa, Bishop Wilberforce Muhindi Children's Youth & Rehab Centre Finances Air Fare 2 Aimable Karekezi (Kitwe Zambia) 2.1 Prayer Requests (Kitwe) Tent Outreach (Our Lord's Supernatural Intervention) Financial Salvation Healing Deliverance Our … Continue reading Prayer Requests

Shalom Yisrael Prt 1

[Shalom Yisrael] Shalom Yerushalayim 1.1 The Issachar Anointing 1 1.2 Celebration 3 1.3 On the Move 5 1 Shalom Yisrael 1.1 The Issachar Anointing In light of the most recent developments in Yisrael and the Middle East, as Believers we are to be able to read the signs and times we are living in. For … Continue reading Shalom Yisrael Prt 1

To all Mothers (2018 May 13)

Mother's Day (May 13 2018) To all Mothers Out There Ian R Lottering (Fertiileground) Blog /Website: -  https://www.fertiileground@blogger.com https://www.ian@fertiileground.wordpress.com https://www.fertiileground@wixsite.com/fertiileground01 To all the Mothers out there: - May you all; Have a Beautiful, Blessed & Marvelous Mother's Day! This is a blessed place to be in! Remember 'tis written to all husbands, men, marriages and families … Continue reading To all Mothers (2018 May 13)

5-Nation (SADC) Southern African Ministry Tour

Ian Lottering 17 hrs ·   5-NATION SOUTHERN AFRICAN (SADC) MINISTRY TOUR I have just returned last night from our 5-nation Southern African (SADC) ministry tour together with Evangelist Bob Koo of Fresh Living Waters Ministries..He ministered on the Great Commission All the ministries we visited, welcomed us with open arms receiving us with God's Love. We … Continue reading 5-Nation (SADC) Southern African Ministry Tour

Prayer 101 (Intercession)

Prayer 101© Concerning Intercession© Contents 1 Concerning Intercession 1 Scripture 1 1.1 What is Intercession 2 2 Why is it Necessary? 3 Scripture 3 2.1 Reasons 3 2.2 Nehemiah’s Prayer 4 (Cupbearer of the king) 4 3 Pray Without Ceasing© 6 Scripture 6 3.1 Scripture 6 3.2 Prevailing Prayer & Intercession 8 3.3 Prevail 9 … Continue reading Prayer 101 (Intercession)

Intercession (Prayer 101) Part 3 Pray without Ceasing

This is why we are to pray without ceasing. He is no man that He should lie! His Promises are secure. When entering a place of intimacy with Him, we need to spend time with Him. Through this we get to know His Character. We realize He is no impersonal being. In fact His Love far surpasses all our human understanding! Through Paul’s memories we see him always being thankfully gracious toward the Lord in all things. Here he reminds us to be thankful, for it is G-D’s will in all things through Christ Jesus (Yeshuah Ha Massiach).

Prophetic Word/A New Sound Arising!

h2 align=centerbfont color=redThe 3 Best Days to Pray (And Receive Answers)/font/b/h2 ©®™A PROPHETIC WORD FOR THIS NEW SEASON! There is a New Sound Arising! There is a New Sound arising in the Earth! The sound of the Bride preparing herself for her Bridegroom! Are you listening! Are you hearing! Hearken to the Sound of God's … Continue reading Prophetic Word/A New Sound Arising!

Let’s Celebrate

Let's Celebrate©® They Saw & Celebrated  Celebration©  Now it came to pass after the child was born, wise men came from the East; seeking whom they knew was the Saviour of the world. They first sought for Him at Herod's Palace. For they saw this great star, coming in the horison. These wise men, were also known … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate

Repentance #1

©®©®Repentance #1 Scripture And seeing this, Peter answered to the people, Men, Israelites, why do you marvel at this one? Or why do you stare at us, as if by our own power or godliness we have made him to walk? The "God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob," "the God of our fathers," glorified … Continue reading Repentance #1