This word which Joseph Prince, shares; is of vital importance, for we who make up the end time Body of Christ. Our Lord tells us, we who know our God; shall do exploits.
Together in the Lord’s Harvest
Ian Lottering
Founder, administrator fertiileground.

Meditate On

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…

    Romans 1:16
    Set Free While Listening To God’s Word!
    We are coming to a place in church history where what happened in the early church is happening in the body of Christ today. In the early church, as the Word went forth in Cornelius’ home, God filled the people there with the Holy Spirit. As Paul was preaching one day in Lystra, a lame man jumped up and walked at Paul’s command.

    I’m seeing such miracles happen more and more in our church. I know of a lady who was healed of cancer this way. No one laid hands on her. I didn’t pray for her. I had never even seen her or known about her until she shared her testimony in our church. Just by listening to my sermon CDs, her healing began to manifest until she was completely healed!

    Another man had his deaf ear pop open just by listening to one of my sermon CDs. Healings are taking place as the Word goes forth. God uses the foolishness of preaching to save, heal and deliver people (1 Corinthians 1:21)! That’s His delivery system. It’s via the means of preaching and teaching that people receive their miracles.

    My friend, that is the power of God unto salvation when the gospel is preached. So keep hearing preaching that is full of the gospel of grace. Keep hearing about Jesus and what He has accomplished for you at the cross. And as the Word goes forth, the power of God for your healing, prosperity and deliverance will suddenly break forth!


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2 thoughts on “Signs & Wonders(Joseph Prince)

  1. God Is Filling His Servants More And More With Grace And Power Causing More Testimony And Attracting The World To Come The More.This We Must Take Note That CounterfEit Will Also Exist Alongside The Original

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    1. Yes this is true. The Lord tells us the same things He has done, we shall be able also to do, and greater things than these. We serve the Almighty God, who called those things which were not as tho they were.
      Healing is also part of the New Covenant, blessings and promises. For it is written that our Lord did mighty works through the hands of the apostles.


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