giraffe on black metal cage
Trapped Ian)



 Trapped!  Before them lay the sea!  Behind Them Pharaoh’s army! 

Hearken!  Yisrael cries!  “YHVH Help!  Deliver us!  Moshe_”

Fearful!  Death in the Wilderness!  See them stare!  “Moshe_”  

Moshe decrees: “Fear not o Yisrael!  Fear Not! 

YHVH declares victory o’er your adversary!


Be Silent!  Today, see your Salvation! 

Your Victory Secure!  Your Victory is sure! 

These Mitsrites_ no more shall you see!”   

YHVH commands: “Moshe!  Moshe!  Stretch out your arm _ _ _! 

Rod and all_!”  Then_   “Forward_!  March _!  Advance_!”  


“Sound the drum roll!  Sound the Fanfare!

Sound the alarm!  Hear the trumpet call!”

“Forward_!”  Through the waters_!  On dry land_!

 “Yisrael_ Forward!  March!  Wow_!  Wow!  Wow!”

“Glory!  Glory_!  Glory_!”  Now


Behold!  The Hydro Wall!  Their Water Wall!

Mitsarayim’s, Pharaoh’s, Hydro fall!

Becomes their Waterfall!  As they follow through! 

Mitsrayim!  Mitsrayim your chariots are not true

Closer, closer to the drink you drew!


Pharaoh’s army YHVH clearly slew

Yisrael!  Yisrael!  In the wilderness flew

Fourty years Yisrael in time in number grew

YHVH their hardened hearts forever knew  

God’s Goodness, Covenant and His Promises He does renew!




Robert Ian

(Ian R Lottering)