Great Commission
Arise Obey Act (The Great Commission)
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Surely the Lord Yahweh will do nothing, unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets. The lion has roared. Who will not fear? The Lord Yahweh has spoken. Who can but prophesy?
(Amos 3:7-8 WEB)

Eltekon / EIMC / Fertiileground

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Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you. Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.
(Mat 28:19-20 WEB)


Welcome to our Partnership Page.

This is where we welcome all who are interested in assisting as co-labourers in the Great Commission, task lying ahead of us. We are aware of the greatness of this End Time Harvest.

The Harvest is Ripe

Surely the harvest is ripe! Yes, even ready for harvesting at this extremely late hour. The Lord constantly instructs us to pray, minister, preach and reach out to our communities. We   are required to repeatedly ask; “the Lord of the Harvest to launch out workers into the harvest.” Specifically, those who will bring in the End Time Harvest. We are ready and willing to use every available means for the furthering of God’s Kingdom Gospel.

We need to know how to discern, read and understand the times and seasons we are living in. As men and women of God, we recognize God’s Heartbeat for the nations! He delights in our intimate fellowship with Him. Seeing it is not God’s will for any to perish, it is His Will for all people everywhere to come to Repentance!

If My People

We are reminded: – “ if My people who are called by My Name; humble themselves; confess their sins, pray, and repent!  I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.”

And the LORD appeared to Solomon by night and said unto him, “I have heard thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for a house of sacrifice. If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;  if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. “(2Ch 7:12-14 RV)

Our Response

We have a responsibility toward God the nations and all people everywhere for the fulfilment of our Lord’s Kingdom Vision. Unless He builds the house, we labour in vain who do. Indeed, the task is great! Yet despite the odds, He chose to Love us first so we would be able to bear much fruit worthy of His calling. Also, for our fruit to remain! He instructs us to go on and fulfil His Great Commision Mandate, given us through Him!

He requires us to act in obedience to Him! To obey is better than sacrifice. Out of our Love, Praise Worship and Thanksgiving towards the Lord! After much preparation, we ourselves in Him!  For this reason, He sends us to reach the Last, Lost Generations of this world! Including those to come!

We are reminded to ask Him for the Nations, as our inheritance then He shall give us the uttermost parts of the Earth for our Possession. The Whole Earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord even as the waters cover the sea.


Though we are still a young ministry, we face many challenges. We have a few projects in the pipeline. We will keep you updated as we approach them. For us to start these projects, we earnestly need your prayers and financial support.

The tasks which we are entrusted with are huge challenges! The Lord regularly reminds us: –

The work He started in us He shall bring to completion, even until the end of the age. We are not out there, building our own kingdom. We wish to see God’s Kingdom established in all the places we have been and are still to go.

  • Our 5-SADC Nations ministry tour (during the first three (3) weeks of April 2018) With Bob Koo of “Fresh Living Waters Ministries”
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Slide Show) of this tour (Available on request)
  • New Covenant of Jesus Children’s Home & Rehab Centre (Bungoma County Kisumu Kenya East Africa (Still Pending)
  • Contact person: – (Wilberforce Muhindi) More Info Later.
  • Kitwe Zambia
  • (Rev Aimable Kareese)
  • More will follow at the proper time
  • Regular Newsletters (Pending)
  • Ministry Magazine (Fertiileground’s Mag pending)
  • Bible Training Schools D.V.
  • Intercession (Prayer Training)
  • Leadership Training
  • Writing Projects
  • (Revision of Dead unto sin)
  • Busy with second book (Possess the Land)
Great Commission
Arise Obey Act (The Great Commission)
What you Need to do
How can you support us?

Good question indeed. Due to the vastness of the task, which lies ahead, we can do with every available means to fulfil God’s Mandate.

This is where you can assist us. Through partnering with us, you equip us to move mountains. You may join us either as prayer and/or financial partners.

Through your continued support, we effectually can carry out God’s instructions to reach nations, generations. Thereby leaving a Faithful, Godly Fearing and Righteous, Heritage after our demise. For us to see His legacy happen we appreciate all your regular input.

Plan & Support Structure

There are several ways you can support our mission. As we are a Non-Profit/ Non-Governmental Organisation, we are completely reliant upon your availability, funding, Donations, Intercession, Prayers, and Sponsorship. Through your continual support, you empower, enable us to impact generations. nations and peoples for eternity.

 1 Monthly Donations

1.1 Plans

  • R25,00 to R50.00 pm
  • R50,00 to R100,00 pm
  • R100,00 to R500,00 pm
  • R500,00 to R1000,00 pm
  • R1000,00 to R2000,00 pm

 2 Financing/Ministry/Projects

  • For any conferences,
  • ministries,
  • countries,
  • national & international outreaches, and
  • training seminars.
  • As a small national and international ministry we need finances
  • to cover travel fares,
  • events,
  • site rentals etc.
  • We need financing for all these Ministry areas.
  • Any contributions are appreciated.
  • Be free to deposit any funds into the undermentioned account.

2.1 Email the reason and whatever project as listed: –

  • New Covenant of Jesus Christ Ministries
  • Youth & Rehabilitation Centre
  • Leadership training conferences
  • 5-fold ministry training seminars
  • (NCoJC) building fund Contact Person: –
  • Archbishop Wilberforce Muhindi
  • E-Mail: –
  • tel.: -+254 723 829140

2.2 Kitwe Zambia Tent Campaign: –

  • Contact: – Aimable Karekezi
  • cel: – 0977888529
  • tel.: – +27 65 569 8434
  • cel (IRL) +27 64 952 1923

2.2.1 Prison Fellowship International

  • Gilgal Christian Centre, Kitwe Zambia)
  • Contact Enocent Silwamba
  • Kitwe (church planting etc.)
  • E-Mail: –
  • website: –
  • cell: – +260 977 608 101
  • phone: – +260 212220 209

2.2.2 Bishop Peter Kalumba

  • Lusaka Ministry Conference

2.3 Pakistan

  • Urdu Bibles

 3) Intercession & Prayer 

  • Please complete the partnership form below
  • Your email,
  • your WhatsApp,
  • cell
  • the areas you would be able to pray for.
  • At the proper time we shall inform you icw our prayer requests.
  • As intercessors and prayer partners you are daily required to stand in the gap
  • to help us overcome the enemy’s onslaughts,
  • the Lord would be able to prepare the hearts of the people.
  • Prayer for revival,
  • God’s Kingdom to be established.

4) Partnership

  • Would you be interested in partnering with us?
  • to see God, establish His Kingdom throughout the nations
  • Kindly complete the bottom form
  • email us your contact details
  • we minister Sharing His Word across the globe.
  • through Media
  • Ev’ry available means
  • in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

5) Sponsorship

  • Sponsor a campaign
  • Sponsor a ministry team
  • Business & Social Development
  • Transport
  • Motor Vehicle (eg Opel Mocha or Land rover four-by-four).
  • Building Projects (eg Bungoma County Kisumu)
Using Ev'ry Available Means for the Furtherance of God's Kingdom 

Every available means for the Furtherance of the Gospel of the Kingdom


Banking Detail
Eltekon / EIMC / Fertiileground
Ian R Lottering
Capitec Silverton
a/c no : - 11691177757
Branch Code: - 470010
Swiss Code: - CABLZAJJ

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