Jesus, Water o Life

Jesus, Water o Life

My wife and I come from different, denominational backgrounds. Both were saved, by & through God’s Grace, at an early age. I come from, a traditional Anglican; (church of the province of South Africa). My wife(Joan), from a traditional AGS(afrikaans AFM).
Our Lord is not moved by which, denominational or religious, background, we may come from. In fact neither is He moved, by whatever nation, or people group we’re born in.
What moves Him most, is His Love for all people, everywhere. His Agape Love, for the sinner. It’ s His Goodness, & Love, which brings, the sinner(man or woman), to repentance, and Salvation(2 Pet 3:8-15).
He paid the highest price, for all mankind; at Calvary. It’s when we react, upon His Love, acceptance of Him, in our hearts, which brings, mercy, grace, forgiveness, salvation and deliverance, for us through Him.
It is because He first Loved us(1 Jn4:13-21), that we receive, our salvation. He accepted us. He could’ve said, no to us, and allowed death & destruction to have the upper hand.
Yet; He rather, decided, to walk in Grace and Love, toward us, and all who call upon His Name. His bountiful mercies, benefits, promises are innumerable(2Cor 1:18-22). They’re unlimited! His Blessings make one rich, adding no sorrow with it (Pr 10:20-23). He promises us Abraham’s blessings(Rom 4:1-3, 4:16).
He takes pleasure in our prosperity. In His Presence there is much pleasure and delight. When we delight ourselves in Him, He gives us the desires of our Heart(Ps37:4). He desires to be able to walk in His Fullness for evermore.
Therefore let us encourage one another, with Words of encouragement. For His Grace and Mercy, endures forever.
It is good to daily serve the Lord, to live and walk in His Presence. For although our friends or family, may forsake us. Our Lord promises us that He; shall never leave nor forsake us. He is always with us, even to the end of this age; yes, even into eternity, to be for ever, with our Lord.
There is so much, in the Lord’s Word. He is after all the Word become flesh(see Jn1:1-18). There is still much; we would love to tell you. We believe, trusting our Lord to fulfil His call upon all, who are named, by His Name. We trust this mail, would greatly, encourage & strengthen, you and your house, in Jesus Name we pray. He is forever Faithful.
Greet all who know you, and are in your house.
Together in the Lord’s Harvest
Ian & Joan
Twitter: Ianlottering@fertiileground
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Dd: 2013-Mar-26

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