Miracles in Health & Finances

Ia Joan Lottering 22 October at 21:32 ·  "Miracles in Health and Finances" October 18, 2 Lana Vawser The Lord spoke to me very clearly regarding “health and finances” in the body of Christ. The Lord showed me MANY of God’s people have been weighed down SO much in this season by the battles in the … Continue reading Miracles in Health & Finances

Debits and Credits

We need to learn about God’s Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness As a fellow servant of the Most High because of that which Jesus has done for us, i would like to refer you to read this portion. I have grown more in the Lord through studies such as these. For this reason I readily recommend his studies and books.
Thank you once more Lee for quite an excellent study. May many who read your work grow in strength, Godly wisdom & understanding, May they increase in wisdom from glory to glory!
Ian R Lottering
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Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who wished to settle accounts with his slaves. (Matthew 18:23)


Deuteronomy 15:1–11
Be generous with your neighbor

At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release. This is how the release is to be done: Everyone who has made a loan to a neighbor shall cancel it, not requiring payment from the neighbor or community member, because the time of the Lord’s release has been pro­claimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt that a member of your com­munity owes you.

However, there will be no one in need among you, for the Lord will richly bless you in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, if only you listen obediently to the Lord your God, and are careful to follow all these commands I…

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“Healing Of Abuse“ Cheryl Ann Needham | globalpropheticlive

Prophecy Prayer Victory "Healing Of Abuse" Cheryl Ann Needham October 20, 2018 Please Share- Cheryl Ann Needham Phd   Healing for Female Victims of Sexual Abuse 12.10.17   In a vision, I saw numerous women all of whom had been sexually abused, exploited, or experienced some form of sexual misconduct over the course of their … Continue reading “Healing Of Abuse“ Cheryl Ann Needham | globalpropheticlive

Prophetic Insight

Want to receive Prophetic Insight by email? Sign up here Share Tweet Email More 'Pursue and Overtake!': A Prophecy for Those With Prophetic Promises 11:00AM EDT 10/19/2018 HAKEEM COLLINS (Photo by Jeremy Lapak on Unsplash) Season of the Open Door (https://www.youngeagles@fertiileground.wordpress.com/propheticinsight(youngeagles) Recently, the word of the Lord came to me saying that the body of Christ is coming … Continue reading Prophetic Insight

Now is your Time

Now is your Time https://www.fertiileground.com/Young Eagles(Nowisyourtime)  Rene Picota 22 hrs ·  I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that the next few days are very important. Now is the time to stand up for your faith. Many are being tried. Many feel like giving up, throwing it all away. Many are being challenged by others. … Continue reading Now is your Time

Prayer Requests (eSword)

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