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Transform East Alliance (TEA)

Transform East Alliance

Transform East Alliance (TEA)

Transform East Alliance (TEA)

Testimony Of Paresh Chandra Halder

I was born and brought up in a traditional Bengali Hindu family. As a
young man, I was living a miserable life and was seeking peace. On
20th July 1998, I heard about Jesus, when I was listening to a radio
program. Matthew 11:28 touched my heart where Jesus calls people with
heavy heart that he can give peace and rest. I felt rest when I
responded to the call. I began to listen more about Jesus on radio.
Also I was attending a local church in my area. The pastor of the
church encouraged me to go for 6 months Discipleship training in
Bihar. I attended discipleship training for six months in 2000. I
understood that I am a sinner and I need forgiveness, which only Jesus
can provide. According to Acts 4:12, I believed in Jesus and obeyed
him in Baptism on 11th August 2002.

I did my Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) from Allahabad Bible Seminary
during 2002 to 2005. I was married in 2006. We began our ministry in
Kolkatta area in 2007. We were involved in church planting, and
ministry among children. We are blessed with two sons, 8 years and 5
years old.

We were introduced to Disciple Making and Church Planning through one
of our mutual friend. We learned and implemented and found this
strategy very fruitful. Our ministry grew and the Lord enlarged our
territory and helped us form a network, Transform East Alliance (TEA).

Vision Statement
Every Bengali community worshipping, living in harmony, and financially thriving.

TEA Purpose/Mission

TEA networks ministries to train and resource for Disciple-making and
sustainable community development among Bengali speaking unreached
people groups of East India.

Why Network in West Bengal?

  1. West Bengal has 95 million people, and only less than 1% are
    followers of Christ.
  2. There are 27 million muslims in the state, 27% of the total population.
  3. There are more than 200 ministry organisations in West Bengal. Most
    of Kingdom work is focused on Hindu people groups and very less on
    Muslim people groups.
  4. WB has 656 unreached people groups. Only 64 people groups are being reached.
  5. Most evangelistic work is focused among non-Bengali speaking people
    groups. Bengali Speaking Hindu and Muslim people groups are least
    reached in the state.
  6. We understand that the task is so great that one ministry
    organisation can not complete it. Several ministries need to work
    together strategically.
  7. According to Psalm 133, our unity can turn into a movement.

Current Status

  1. Since 2015, TEA has grown to partner with 23 ministry
    organizations. There are 250 house churches in 11 districts, up to
    December 2017.
  2. These organizations are working among 35 unreached Hindu and Muslim
    People Groups in 11 districts.
  3. Since 2015, we have trained 250 leaders and disciple-makers with
    Disciple Making and Church Planting strategy in 11 districts.
    Currently, 95 leaders and disciple-makers are under training from 11

Please pray for:

For more information:
Paresh Chandra Halder
WhatsApp +91 8100893670
Sonarpur, Kolkata.

  1. On-going Training programs and needed resources.
  2. For TEA to grow in other districts and people groups.
  3. For maturity of leaders in the network.
  4. Income generation training.


Glory to God
Looking forward to working with you
Dear prayer warriors, me & my family & team members are starting a prayer for a 2 ( TWO ) Motorcycle 🏍 & 15 ( Fifteen ) Bicycles 🚲 that will help us on the ministry as sharing Gospel / Bible stories into the new community also field visiting. we felt the Spirit of God telling us to start a prayer …

we asking favors from you to pray for Motorcycle & Bicycles. as both are very valuable tool for a ministry field workers.
Thank you for joining us in prayer

Bro Paresh
Please open & read when you available about ” Strategy of Transform East Alliance TEA”
My name is Soma Ghosh and I’m living in Village – Ghosh Para, Malda District, I am a mother of 4 children. I have twin 5 year-old boys and my husband has two children from a previous relationship who I very much consider my own.

I had been a Hindu all my life, like the generations before me, participating in all the festivals.

One day, sister Gita Sarkar wife of Manik Sarkar who is doing ministry with dear brother Paresh from Kolkata, she shared with me about Jesus and how He died for me on the Cross? so that I could have a relationship with Him. I began to realize that all my Hindu prayers and idol worship did not make me feel connected to Jesus. So, I gave my life to the Lord that day.

I began started for going to the Discovery Bible Study Group, but it was initially for the benefit of my husband and children. I was still thinking in the context of a Hindu and so I thought my group attendance and worship could somehow directly benefit them. However, I began to discover that God’s love for me was more than any human could provide me.

Sadly, it was at this point in life that my husband brought another woman to live in our home. When that happened and I realized my husband was not willing to change, I felt the Lord telling me to separate myself from my husband and just pursue my relationship with the Lord.

This was not easy because my husband and I were doing well financially. We had a nice house for our area and didn’t lack for anything physically. Even though I did separate and went with my children to live with my mother, I did not pursue Jesus. For some reason, I felt there was distance between the Lord and I, so I began to work a lot.

Around this time, I received a phone call that changed everything. when Brother Paresh came to Malda for Training and he invited to me for learning more and really during training, I heard the Lord was telling me about my life and assured me that Jesus was still pursuing me.

Sister Gita Sarkar asked if she could continue to visit and share / discover together more about God & is His planning. Before saying yes, I had to check with my mother because I was living in her house and she was still a Hindu. Thankfully, my mother was agreeable and so a group now meets in my home.

One of the things that I learned during group discussing was the suffering of Jesus. This was such an encouragement to me. I am so grateful for sister Gita and her family and Bro Paresh For the ways they have poured into my life and trained me how to make disciples who make disciples. Now, I have discovered God’s peace and my heart is full of love. I am sharing this love through Bible story sharing with others because I desire for them to find relationship / salvation in Jesus also.

All glory to the our heavenly Father

Please keep me in your prayer, specially, as I want stand own my feet / I mean, I have skills? I want start ” JEWELRY BUSINESS ” for Income.

Ok will do.Remember Our Lord Jesus Christ Messiah always remains Faithful! HE is THE TRUE & FAITHFUL WITNESS! He always causes us to triumph
It is an awful feeling to be LOST.

Why me and my family and team together always entering into the new communities and finding a LOST peoples?

Please go through my below personal experience.

I remember a time when I was 9 or 10 years old. We were visiting some of my parent’s relative in a new place.

As adults do when they meet old friends, mom and dad were talking and having fun. I was bored. For some reason, I didn’t enjoy whatever the other kids were doing. I decided to go for a walk and I don’t remember exactly how it all happened, but I left.
Wandering down the street, I enjoyed the various scenes around me. At some point though, I wanted to go back.

The problem was that I didn’t know where back was. I couldn’t find the house. Nor was I even sure what it looked like anymore.

Completely lost, I sat down on the side of the road and cried. It was not a nice feeling. Some hours later, my parents came and found me. Now that felt good!

I had no idea what to do in my lostness. I had to just wait for someone who loved me to come searching.

There are many who are spiritually lost in the same way I was physically lost that day. They don’t know what Heaven (or the presence of God) look like. They wait for someone who loves them to come and show them the way home.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10

Prayer points : –

  1. West Bengal has 95 million people, and only less than 1% are
    followers of Christ.
  2. There are 27 million muslims in the state, 27% of the total population.
  3. West Bengal has 656 unreached people groups. Only 64 people groups are being reached.
  4. Most evangelistic work is focused among non-Bengali speaking people
    groups. Bengali Speaking Hindu and Muslim people groups are least
    reached in the state.
  5. We understand that the task is so great that one ministry
    organization can not complete it. Several ministries need to work

The main functions our TEA network / ministry are:

  1. TEA – Finding a LOST / Person of Peace
  2. TEA – Disciples and Leadership development Training
  3. TEA – Incomes generation Training
  4. TEA – For maturity of leaders in the network.


Paresh and Team.
What is the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath?

1 King 17 : 7 – 16
I have own experience with God, as when I am engaged in biblically to myself, just like Elijah experienced with God, when he went to Zarephath to invite a widow to partner with him in God’s work.

Secondly, I find that when I make an invitation for someone to become a prayer partner, That means people are telling me they want to pray / support for me in my calling. That is really big encouragement for me and my work . feeling I am not alone. Praise the Lord


Preaching the Word of God in and out of season, even until our Lord comes and establishes His Kingdom in this age and the one to come! The kingdoms of this world are now become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. Be not doubtful but be believing. The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom! He remains Faithful. Man may Fail but our Lord always causes us triumph. He shall never fail! Let us arise and build! Unless our Lord builds His House we labour in vain when we do. Our God shall forever establish His Kingdom. Let God Arise and His enemies be scattered. For shortly our God shall crush Satan under our feet. “Behold I give you power and authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.” Remember our Lord has already overcome the enemy. He made a show of it openly overcoming the enemy on the cross, for all to see. “Come now enter into My Presence,” day s the Lord.”I shall show you great and wonderous things.” Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor tongue has uttered the things our Lord has stored up for us whom are His elect, called by His Name. “Return to Me o My backsliding children. I have not forsaken you. Even now I await your returning to Me. I shall enfold you with My Loving Arms! Whoever comes returning to Me I welcome. I shall not cast you away. Sin may have destroyed you, but I;” says the Lord, “shall restore you! “. Thank U Lord for first loving me. You chose me first; even although I may not have chosen U. Yet Father it is the Greatness of Your Love & Goodness,: Drew me to You and daily brings me to repentance! Our God is more than able to do far abundantly above that which we dare ask think or imagine!

BaraAlatora, District – Bankura, State – West Bengal

Mr. Ganesh Soren was born and brought up in a traditional tribal( Adibasi ) Hindu family and lived a miserable life, seeking peace.He heard about Jesus Christ and was baptized through our Transform East Alliance ” TEA ” network partner, Pastor Tapan Hembrom, as he was from the same district – Bankura. Mr. Ganesh was worshiping with his whole family and friends in his house, according to the book of Acts chapter 2 and everyone there was encouraged andgrowing in their spiritual lives.


Mr. Ganesh Soren suddenly died by accident, around 4 am on the 3rd of October 2018. When his wife and his 20 year old son went to bury Mr. Ganesh, then eighbourhood stopped them. They wanted them to do it according to the Hindu traditions, honouring the idols.

Mr. Ganesh’s wife and son refused tobury him according to the old Hindu traditional faith and stand firm in their belief in Jesus Christ.

Now the body has remained in their house until now.

Mr. Ganesh’s wife and young son seems to be under the control of the ”Neighbourhood”.

Pastor Tapan Hembrom and other believers are being persecuted as a result of this.

Neighbourhood demands:
• Do burial according to the Hindu tradition
• Return to Hinduism.


• Go away from the village, wherever you want to go, but without taking any of your belongings.

This is the current challenging situation faced by this family and believers.

We are concerned that our government and policewill not help us in this situation.

Would you please pray with us:

  1. Solution regarding Mr. Ganesh’s body.
  2. Protection for Mr. Ganesh’s wife and son

We know this is a local church responsibility, but we are requesting assistance for support in this matter. We urgently need wisdom and God’s intervention. We would also appreciate any prayer support and encouragement from the Body of Christ.


Brother Paresh and Team.

Please see the ” Ministries 3rd Quarter report with Pictures & stories into Google Drive ( please click below link)


Bro. Paresh
Arnika and I have been happily married for 12 years on 18th October is our 12th Marriage Anniversary. we together spent the first half of our marriage as a co-laborer and staff mission fields in established God’s kingdom West & Northern part of India. The second half has been planting a church and Disciple making also Leaders development in state of West Bengal India alongside of Bengali community that is focused on reaching unchurched and dechurched people with the real and relevant love of Jesus and We learned and implemented and found this strategy very fruitful. Our ministry grew and the Lord enlarged our territory and helped us form a network, Transform East Alliance (TEA). East Part of India.

TEA believe the Great Commission Mt 28:18-20 will not be completed from the WEST to the REST but they REACHED to the UNREACHED.

TEA network to launch small house churches across West Bengal through Discovery Bible Studies ( DBS ), which we are strongly proponent for. This is the process we using in East part of India Yet, it is clear that God is using us continuously in East Part of India with over 2,000 people baptized. 10 Coordinator,90 Catalysts / Church Planters and around 300 Discovery Bible Studies Groups.

TEA presently doing more than training. we want to mobilize believers and Disciples to serve cross-culturally.

TEA has a aim in each area is to have key leadership positions filled by locals.

TEA have 20+ independent ministries operating as a TEA network. They may each have their own identities in their realm but they also operate by TEA.

Plans for 2018 – 2019.

  1. Complete 5 groups * 20 = Training of 100 leaders and disciple-makers.
  2. Train 50 leaders and disciple-makers with income generation strategy.
  3. Provide finances to 30 leaders for income generation for sustainability.

Please pray for:

  1. Finding a LOST / Person of Peace
  2. Disciples and Leadership development Training.
  3. For TEA to grow in other districts and people groups
  4. Incomes generation Training
  5. For maturity of leaders in the network.

For more information:
Paresh Chandra Halder
WhatsApp +91 8100893670
Sonarpur, Kolkata.West Bengal.
Thanks a lot for your prayers support
Sister Shavita Ghosh who was sharing the Gospel & finding a person of peace in place called ” Canning ” and during her sharing the Gospel she felt hungry in her stomach,

She decided that she would ask for food in the next house.

However, in the next house a young girl her name was Monika opened the door

Instead of food, sister Shavita asked for a glass of water.

The girl Monika thought, she was hungry.

So, she brought her a big glass of milk.

She slowly drank it, and then asked thereafter-wards, how much do I owe you for this?

she answered she taught from her Mother has never accepted the payment for kindness.

Sister Shavita said, so I thank you to your mom from my heart.

Years later, the girl Monika (now a woman) was attacked by the devil Spirit and she could not sleep well or eat anything.

The family members heard about the Christian prayer group.

Christian prayer group led by sister Shavita, when she heard the name of the place from which she came, a strange light filled her eyes.

Immediately, sister Shavita rose and went out of the her prayer room.

She recognized her at once and prayed for her life to recover from the devil Spirit together,

After a long struggle and pray that the war was won by pray and the women got free from Devil Spirit and finally the woman was fearless to open her eyes and she finally saw her and saw that something was saying

‘Full payment with milk glass’

The tears filled their eyes because they immediately remembered.

The vainness of kindness shown by you is never wasted, it reproduces itself.

Well, it is not necessary in front of your eyes, but it always does it by Jesus.

Going on Discovery Bible Study in her home, where they are regularly learning Word of God and praying together.

I am kind to you by sharing this her success story. Do you want to share with others so that anyone can receive blessings from this great story by Jesus Christ. Amen.
Urgent pray requests for me.

Yesterday I was travelling Kolkata to Medinipore district 3hrs journey from Kolkata there by train for training and during walk there suddenly I falled down on street by small accident and my left Leg bone Fracture, please remember me into your prayers for recovery.

Brother Paresh
My name is Ashok Hazra and I am 50 years old and was brought up in a Hindu family. As was customary, I worshipped idols. For my living, I make and sell fish in a market. When my son Joyanta Hazra and his family rejected Hinduism and began to follow Jesus I was very disappointed. I did not talk with them for several days. In reality, it was the pressure of the other villagers who were controlling my behavior towards my son and this greatly disturbed me.

However, my son, Jayantha, lovingly shared The Bible story Good Samaritian Luke 10:29 – 37 with me and it was a great incentive for me and love and compassion, and how am I thinking that I should give my son How to love and compassion and for others? It was through the testimony of my son and the power of God’s word and I too accepted Jesus as my Savior.

Now I am bravely witnessing Jesus Christ to the same villagers who put so much pressure on me and my family. Please do pray for many living in our village to turn to Jesus Christ.

Thanks to Brother Paresh, thanks for continuing to pray and encourage the members of his team.


Ashok Hazra.
Will keep on praying for your villages & families as our Lord Enables me. Remember He told Abraham & Sarah nothing is to difficult for Him! He is God of all flesh. Neither can He lie nor will Hi go against His Word! He always honours His Word above His Name! He always causes us to triumph!
As we practicing these are 4 Important Characteristics of A DMM in West Bengal.

Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) are:

1) fast growing
2) indigenous (of the local culture)
3) multiplying groups
4) obedient Jesus followers (disciples).

Disciples gather themselves into groups that we sometimes call “house churches” though these groups can meet anywhere, not only in homes. In some DMMs, groups meet in a tea shop or under a tree. The groups can be called DBS / discipleship groups or story sharing group etc.

What matters is that they are a group of people who are following Jesus and committed to obey His commands together.

Whatever you call these groups of Jesus followers, in Disciple Making Movements (DMMs), they multiply quickly and start more groups.

The first generation group of disciples start a second generation. Usually more than one group is started from the first one. The second generation groups do the same. True DMMs experience multiplication growth, not simply addition growth.

In a Disciple Making Movement, the emphasis is not on growing an ever increasingly large church, but in multiplying small groups of disciples who make disciples.

A DMM is a supernatural move of God’s Spirit sweeping through a people group or area where thousands of lives are transformed as people enter God’s Kingdom and become part of His family. These movements use simple methods and are indigenous.

This kind of rapid multiplication of disciples among the unreached people group of West Bengal is incredibly exciting and very much needed if we are to see the Kingdom of God advance! Without it, if we allow ourselves to be content with only addition growth of Jesus followers, we can barely keep up with natural population growth rates among most of the unreached.


Brother Paresh
Join us to stop “Child trafficking in West Bengal”

My heart is broken to see such a situation still in West Bengal, Kolkata.

Number of missing girls and child trafficking

Me and Arnika and the team pray and are going to take children to give them a better place, hope by care and feedings and education, please pray and join with us.

Thank you
Bro paresh
Today and tomorrow we have two days TEA network leaders get to gathering and during this gathering we praying and making planning for the Christmas programme.
Dear, I am happy to share with you that it is currently going on training in the state of West Bengal

5 Leadership developing for Disciple making among Bengali Speaking peoples groups.

  1. Training leading by myself ( Paresh ) in Kolkata there 20 – 25 leaders are coming from 4 different district of West Bengal 1. South 24 Parganas, 2. North 24 Parganas, 3. Hoogly, 4. Kolkata.
  2. Training leading by brother Rabindra in Medinipur there 20 -25 leaders are coming from 5 district of WB 1. Purba Medinipur, 2. Pasching Medinipur, 3.Bankura, 4. Bardhaman, 5. Birbhum.
  3. Training leading by Brother Manik Sarkar in Malda there 20 -25 leaders are coming from 3 district of WB 1. Malda, 2. Dakking Dinajpur, 3. Musrshidabad.
  4. Training leading by brother Joel in Uttar Dinajpur and there 20 -25 leaders are coming from 4 district of WB, 1. Uttar Dinajpur, 2. Dashin Dinajpur, 3. Jalpaiguri, 4. Coochbehar.
  5. Training leading by Brother Barun Sardar in South 24 Parganas, there 20 -25 leaders are coming from 3 district of WB 1. South 24 Parganas, 2. Nadia, 3. Musrshidabad.

Please see 5 groups of pictures.

Above 100 to 125 leaders from different mission areas of West Bengal and our goal / targets are training / equipped / coaching to them, so they can do same what we doing for them with their mission fields and reach out rest of unreached / un-engage places / district of West Bengal.

Please cover us into your prayer,

  1. Specially for God’s wisdoms and His guidance / presence.
  2. We have to faces some challenges.

Bro Paresh
The Bengalis: 200 Million Without a Shepherd

Mathew 9:36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Dear friend, I’m happy to sharing with you about people group of Bengalis, so you can do think and pray.

It is interesting to note that most of the materials translated different Indian languages but lack of materials into Bengali language, so we are praying and looking materials into Bengali language for the Bengalis and Bengalis are divided between Hindu and Muslim & Tribal communities. The Bengalis facing many challenges without materials and local leaders and if we do translate into Bengali also train and raise to the local leaders then we can easily reach out 200 Million peoples for Lord Jesus Christ.

” A person is remembered by the quality of their character.”
This Bengali proverb tells us that they value being known as people of good character. They are a people that have a love of life, music, hospitality, good humor, politics, reading, movies, sports, learning, fish, sweets, curry, and more curry!

The majority of the Bengali speaking people live in Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. There are also a number of Bengali communities in New Delhi and scattered across northeast India and many Indian states. In addition many Bengalis live beyond South Asia. Some well established Diaspora communities live in the United Kingdom and the United States. There are also many Bengali foreign workers in the Arab Gulf states; these hard working people have spread into many other countries.

Bro Paresh.
Sharing bible story ” Samaritan women from John chapter 4 ” among new believers of Bengali speaking Hindus people group,

Please cover them into your prayers as they’re ready for taking baptism ” Praise the Lord “
Also ready for sharing theirs experience with others for making disciple.
I’m very happy to introduce with you to dear brothers Utpal and Rupam as they’re trained by me and now they’re very much exciting and looking forward to starting training to their own organisations people also others.

Please keep themselves into your prayers.