Lord Will Raise His Banner of Love

Ian Lottering
 Truly a word for this season. I sense the Lord says, “Even as this month draws to a close, I will raise up My Banner of My Agape Love. I am raising My Banner for healing! I am raising My Banner of Deliverance! I am raising up My Banner of Salvation! See I am doing a new thing! Even now I tell you about it! Be ready! Be prepared! Look and see the Salvation and Deliverance I bring to pass! Rejoice in He1 Rejoice in Me! Rejoice in Me!” says the Lord! “the Joy of the Lord is your strength! Look not to that which man says or does1 Lean not upon your own understanding! Look to Me! Look to Me! Look to Me! Man will fail, but I shall not fail! Whoever puts their trust in Me shall not be dismayed! For now, is the time1 Now is the day! Now is the season! I will always cause you to triumph! See how I shall and even now fight for you! My Love! My Bride! My Joy! I see your tears! I how your Cries! I will neither fail nor shall forsake you! My victory for you is sure! The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former! I build My Church! I build My Body! I have the keys of David! I shall open doors that no man shall shut! I send My angels,, My messengers before you to prepare the way before you! Be not dismayed! Be not doubtful! Neither be fearful! I go and prepare a place Behold in My Father’s House are many Mansions! If it were not so I would have told you! For I go and prepare a place for you! Before you were born! Even when you were in your Mother’s womb I have known you! I have called you! I place My hand upon you! I shall daily lead you, step by gentle step! I have Loved you with an everlasting Love! My Love (Agape) is unmeasurable! My Love (Agape) is unstoppable! My Love (Agape) surpasses all human understanding! “tis My Love (Agape) for you that nailed and pinned me to the cross! I became a curse for you so that you would walk in the promised blessings! I became extremely poor so that you would become extremely rich! Do not measure your abundant prosperity by or on worldly standards! Therefore be strong and extremely courageous, do not tremble, neither be dismayed! See the work which I have started in you, I shall accomplish! Yea! I shall finish it!” Says the Lord! See the mouth of the Lord has spoken! “Hearken! Heed! To what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. He who has an ear, let him, let her, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying! I shall open your eyes to see and show you great and wondrous things, which you know not and have not seen!” Behold taste and see for our Lord is Good! His Goodness and great Love draws men and women, sons and daughters to repentance! It is His will that none should perish but that all people everywhere would come to repentance! His desire is for all who believe in Him should not perish but have eternal life! “Behold I set before you Blessing and cursing. Death or Life! Therefore choose Life so that you may Live!”1Edit or delete this