Now is your Time

Now is your Time Eagles(Nowisyourtime) 

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that the next few days are very important. Now is the time to stand up for your faith. Many are being tried. Many feel like giving up, throwing it all away. Many are being challenged by others. So many are overwhelmed with discouragement and depression.

Do not throw in the towel says the Lord! For your breakthrough is right around the corner. Many are about to have the opportunity to seize their destiny and step into their calling. It is your kairos moment. Many are being called into full-time ministry in this season. Many are starting their own business in this season. I see doors opening. They are flying off their hinges. I see many starting new jobs and getting promotions. I see lots of souls coming into the Kingdom and it will happen in the marketplace. Now is the time to share Christ with your co-workers. It is a time of divine alignment. A divine transition is about to take place. It is time to cross over. It is time to cast your nets on the other side.

I see the Lord of Hosts with all His hosts of angels going before you. The battle is being fought in the heavenly realms for your breakthrough. Principalities and high powers of darkness are being pushed back. The light is shining and as it breaks forth, your path shall be illuminated. Go forth in My power says the Lord for I have called you and anointed you for such a time as this.

Rest in Me. Your faith may be tested now, but watch what I begin to do in the next few days. Suddenly things begin to change. My hand is moving upon your situations. Supernatural Provision. Supernatural debt cancellation. I see supernatural deposits in bank accounts. Checks in the mail. I am prompting people to give to you in this season. Get ready for I am a generous God and I love to lavish gifts upon my children. Let expectation arise in your hearts. I am putting things into motion according to that which is in My heart.

Do not lose hope. Stand in faith and move forward.


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