To all Mothers (2018 May 13)

Mother’s Day (May 13 2018)

To all Mothers Out There

Ian R Lottering


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To all the Mothers out there: –

May you all;

Have a Beautiful, Blessed & Marvelous Mother’s Day!

This is a blessed place to be in!


’tis written to all husbands, men, marriages and families everywhere! “Whoever has found a wife; has found a Good Thing, He also receives and obtains favour from the Lord their God! Since before time; Marriage was in God’s Plan ordained for Man! He saw it was not good for a man, to be;  alone. So He made the Woman as a Help Meet for Him!


So He would be able to have and raise, a Holy Righteous Godly offspring! A Holy, Righteous, Godly Seed! We are certain and know God does not make a faulty, unrighteous Creation. We were made, created and formed in His image.
We know whatever God made is good! Yet our iniquity has brought a division between a Holy God and we who are become an unholy, fallen creation. Yet our God remains Faithful, even unto the end. Always wooing us back to Him! Return this day to Him! He shall restore us!

His Mercy

His Mercies, endure forever. They are new every morning. His Goodness and Mercy; daily bring many to repentance and Salvation !

2nd and 3rd Chance 

  • He still gives us another chance to return to Him!
  • He remains Faithful & True to His Word

In His Presence, His Love; there is Liberty! Not liberty to sin and do as we will, paying in the flesh, our soul, our spirit or our intellect for the wrong we do! Rather to save, restore and reconcile ourselves to Him!

Today do not Harden your Hearts

Therefore today do not harden your heart toward or against Him as the people of ancient times had done. Rather let us return to Him.

He thought and saw it fitting to give Man his wife, making her the Mother of their children. Mothers are important, special people. It takes a special God Kind of anointing, for a woman whom is a Mother! She is the Help Meet for her Husband! The Mother for her children!
Mothers! Enjoy your Special Day!

In His Harvest

Ian R Lottering

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