Fake Fruit, Fake Christians… 12 Thoughts on God’s Truth

The Silver Lining

As a child, I was told not to play with the fake fruit on the bottom bookshelf, but I couldn’t resist. I was fascinated by the soft, squishy green and purple grapes that popped easily on and off of their fake plastic stems. They looked so real! The colors, the shine, and the softness of the pretend fruit made it look inviting. But eating them, I did not want to do! For, though they looked like real grapes; they lacked all the goodness of a genuine bunch of grapes from the Italian vineyard next door: sweetness, juiciness, and refreshing nutrition.

Eating fake fruit can even result in some serious consequences. Children can choke on fake fruits which get lodged in their throats, or get sick from the toxins in the paint. As little children, we learn how to play pretend when “eating” toy food, that it’s not to be put…

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