Prophetic Word/A New Sound Arising!

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There is a New Sound Arising!

There is a New Sound arising in the Earth! The sound of the Bride preparing herself for her Bridegroom! Are you listening! Are you hearing! Hearken to the Sound of God’s Spirit, While He is calling! Bride be ready! Bride of Christ be ready! Hear your Bridegroom calling.

Hear! Listen to His wooing! 

A New Day! A New Season! Is Arising! Heed the Lion’s Roar! Hear the Eagle’s cry! See the Ox serving! Hear the Lamb! See the Son of Man! His Spirit manifesting in His Bride! His Church! His Kingdom Stands! Standing the Test of Time! Hear the Lion of Judah Roar! He is ready, coming to judge the Earth! To Judge the Nations!

Kings shall bow! Princes, Presidents, will acknowledge The Eternal King at work! Hear the Praises! Heed the Worship! As the King of Glory is Coming in! Who is this King of Glory? He is the Lord Strong and Mighty! His Presence has being since the Beginning of Time!

Wash your hands you sinners! Cleanse your Hearts you Wicked! The Lord is coming in! He comes to judge the Earth! He comes to Rule and Reign For Evermore! He is the Righteous King! The Alpha! The Omega! The Beginning and The End! The Great I Am! The Mighty Warrior! He is Righteous and True! He is the Holy One of Israel! He shall Reign! He Reigns even now He Reigns! The Earth is the Lord’s and the Fullness thereof!

Awake Bride of Christ! Awake! Hear the Trumpet Blast! War is declared in the Heavenlies! The angels Bow before Him! Heaven and Earth Adore Him! He always causes us to Triumph! He Is Yeshua Ha Massiach!

He sends His Angels out, to reap this End Time Harvest! Look neither to the Right, nor the Left! He shall open your eyes! He shall open our Spiritual Eyes of our understanding! He touches our ears to hear that which the Spirit is saying to His Church! New Anointings! New Mantles! He is re- aligning our destiny!

Vashti and Jessabelle, shall be no more! Judgement is coming! Vashti & Jessabelle shall be no more! The Baal prophets are falling, Falling, Falling! Fallen is Mystery Babylon! Babylon the Great shall no longer stand!

For the kingdoms of this world are now become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ! The multitude! The Multitude! The Multitude of saints are singing songs of Praise! See them! Heart them! As they bow down to the Lamb! Hear them sing the Song of the Lamb! Hear them sing the Song of Moses! Hear their Victorious songs of Victory! They overcame the Enemy, through the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony! (See Rev 12:7-17).

Read the times and seasons! Yes! Even as the sons of Issachar, understand the times and seasons! Lord! Open our ears! Lord! Open the eyes of our understanding! Cause us to grow in our intimacy with You!

Hear the Trumpet call
Sound the Alarm

Father that as the sons of Zadok (Righteous), we would minister to You and You to us! Father that we be made whole in Jesus Mighty Name!
Restore to us the years which the locusts have eaten! Let us humble ourselves in the Sight of God! That He shall raise us up in due Season!

Restoration! Restoration! Restoration! Reformation! Reformation! Reformation! Not only Revival! Lord; let Your Deliverance flow! Let Your Healing flow! Let Your Restoration Show! Restore us to the Former state, to and from which You have called us! Let us build on Your Sure Foundation! The Chief Cornerstone! The Rock, Who is Higher than |! In Jesus Name we Pray Amen! Amen! and Amen!!!! To God be all the Glory! Now and for Evermore!!!