Prophetic Word (Call Upon the Lord_ _ _).


Prophetic Word

(Call Upon the Lord_ _ _).

My fellow servant and pastor in our Lord!
Grace and peace to you and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit!
Walking with the Lord, our God! Jesus the only Mediator between God & man. He is right in the Beginning before all time.

He came to this world to become our Sacrifice for our sin. Hear and test this word, as I felt impelled in my heart to share this with you, the brethren and the fellowship of the saints. To God be the Glory!

He died and Rose again! He ascended into Heaven. He is our soon coming King. He rules and Reigns from Eternity to Eternity! He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of this world! In deed He is the Lamb of God Who was slain even before the foundation of this World! He is Immanuel! God with us ! Revealed in us! He is Jesus our Messiah! He is coming again as Judge and King! Every knee shall bow every tongue confess ; Jesus Christ is Lord!

Do you know Him? Does He know you? The cry of the Lord is gone out: “Repent! Turn to Him before it is too late! While there still is time! Return to Him o backsliding children!”

Then He shall restore us back to Him! He hears our cry! When we call with repentant heart! He will hear! He will Answer! When we call He shall not, will not Fail! Call to Him while it still is day; before the night cometh!

For when night cometh, we shall fall; lest we be repentant, turn to Him. The times and seasons are in His Hand! The time of Grace, may soon be passing.! O return to Him! All who call upon Him shall not be disappointed! Our Lord shall not fail, neither shall sin prevail! God is Holy; three times Holy! He is not a man that He would lie!

Such is God’s Word; that He honours It above His Name! O call upon Him ! Call upon Him! Call upon Him! He hears and shall answer! Return to your First Love! Do not become lukewarm, lest He spew you out of His Mouth, and your lamp be extinguished! For yet a while He shall restore! He shall restore! He shall restore that which belongs to Him!

Remember a smoking flax will He not quench; Neither shall He a Bruised Reed break! Call upon Him while it still is day; for Night comes when nobody can work. Watch, be awake lest he who thinks he shall stand; may fall!

The new day is dawning! Be watchful and waiting, lest some may fall along the wayside. Be sure the fertile ground of your, of our hearts may not be defiled. Break up the fallow ground of your hearts (of our hearts) that the soil be prepared, made pure, made holy for the Eternal Seed of the Word of God; may fall in good soil! The heart prepared for the Seed of Life, found in CHrist Jesus only.

Where shall we go to? To Whom shall we turn? God alone has the times and seasons in His Hands! To Whom shall we go? To Whom shall we turn? To Christ Jesus! He alone has the Words of Life! We know He is Messiah!

He sets before us Blessing and Cursing; Death or Life! Therefore
we choose Life; so we can Live! In our Lord’s own Words: – He said to us; “I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life! No one can come to the Father! Except through Me! I and the Father are One! Whom ever has seen Me has seen the Father! Before Abraham was I Am!”

After saying these things, the religious leaders of the day were wanting to stone Him. He escaped between them, for His time was not yet! For this reason Christ Jesus came, to die in our place, hanging on a tree (the cross). For whoever would die on a tree (cross) would become a curse.

Christ Jesus became a curse for us thereby redeeming us from the curse of the Law. Therefore Abraham’s Blessing comes upon us; so
we might receive this Promise of the Spirit through Faith! (See Gal 3:7-18)!

For this reason Christ Jesus Whom knew no sin became sin for us, that through Him we would become the righteousness of God in Him! Again we are reminded time is running out! Time is of the essence! The Lord’s return is imminent!

The Fear of God is to return to the Church! Judgement starts first with His House! Are we repentant? Now is the time to repent, return to the Lord while it is still day! Night cometh, when no man can work!

Using ev’ry available Means; for the furtherance of His Kingdom!
The Whole Word for the whole world!
In His Kingdom’s Purpose!
Jesus Christ is Lord!

Your fellow servant
In Him!
Ian R Lottering
Blog/ website:
2017 -09- 17
Jewish year: 5777 -Elul-

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