Back Online (Still Trusting the Lord)

Back Online

All Fertiilegrounders:-

Hi we’re back online after some months of inactivity. I trust we shall be more readily available. We’ve had some setbacks over the last couple of months. Yet all things are possible for those whom believe, is what our Lord says in Matthew 21:12-22. We’re still in the progress of trusting our Lord fully for His provision  & intervention.

I must say over the last couple of months God’s Faithfulness has been proven. Both our sons are busy with their degrees via Tuks (Pretoria University).  The Lord has truly given them wisdom and understanding. We are reminded in Scripture, all our children would be taught of the Lord (see Is 54:13 KJV). He also tells us they have the tongue of the learned (see Is 50:4 NKJ).

We’re reminded that we are able to have understanding hearts. The Lord honours His Word above His Name. We are also to bear in mind the Lord ‘s Word is forever settled in heaven (Ps 119:89). The Lord enables us to have more understanding than our teachers. Through Him we are also able to understand more than the ancients. Yet we need first of all to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.

For it is He who constantly teaches us through His Spirit, the things we need to know. Presently there is a call from our Lord for the people to be able to understand the time and seasons we’re living in. The Lord is able also to give us understanding concerning the prophetic season we are currently in.  More of this later. Be free to comment on these matters as well.

In His Vineyard

Ian R Lottering


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