Time to arise

Arise shine for your light has come_ _’_

See isaiah 60 & 61.

Tis time for all believers in CHRIST JESUS  stand up and make a show of strength.This is the theme which showed up at our recent.meeting we held.together with I.Am International Global Ministries’ Passover weekend..From the very first night ; our Lord moved mightily  through His Spirit

The  prophetic was also prevalent . Elijah been seen as the prophetic example. When he confronted the baals. After the Lord’s judgement fell upon Israel. The challenge of Carmel, where the Lord’s fire fell upon the altars burning up the sacrificial offerings. 

Do we hear the sound of the abundance of rain..Prophetic words were spoken over individuals as well. We experienced beautiful worship, as the Davidic  prophet led the fellowship right into God’s Presence. 

There is an abundance of rain

  • There is an abundance of rain.Revival, restoration, deliverance  reformation is sure. The Lord is busy moving across our land. He is building His Church, i.e.  His  Kingdom. His promises are sure, His Word is True. There is a change coming in the nation.
  • His Church shall ARISE!
  • “I shall flow by My Spirit,” says the Lord.”A new day is arising. I.Am.building My Church;” says the Lord.”I am preparing the way.My Church shall stand!” Says the Lord.
  • The Lord would move mightily upon His people, are we ready?
  • He moves in Power and Authority.

Be Prepared

    1. Be preparing ourselves for.The Lord  is awaking His Body. He is building His Kingdom. His Kingdom shall stand. He is our sure Foundation, the Chief Cornerstone! 
    2. Are we ready for His Visitation to our nation and her people?
    3. Or are we going to miss His appointed  Time?


      He commands us to be ready. For He is going to move in great power and anointing. CHURCH ARISE! SOUTH AFRICA ARISE!  So we would meet and fulfil  GOD”S MANDATE FOR OUR NATION AT THIS TIME AND IN THIS SEASON!