Arise church ARISE! The times are achanging. Years ago Bob Dillon if I recall correctly wrote this song. As always he made it a top twenty hit. Little had he known that his life would change.

Today it rings in my ears! Times are in deed changing and have changed. We grow older and wearier. Age stops for no one. We all become older and hopefully more mature in years.  

The Word of the Lord is still standing strong. We still hear the prophet say ARISE! ARISE to the fullness of our stature in the Lord. For He is truly coming for a mature church, without spot or blemish. 

Church shall we ARISE? For truly our Lord is risen! He is very much alive! The days are coming when we as His Bride shall ARISE to rule and reign with Him.

In fact we are seeing the first paces already taking place! Come let us ARISE to the fullness of our stature!

Be free to discuss this matter. For our God shall ARISE and His enemies be scattered!

Please support us through prayer and financial support to.keep this channel live and growing. For we in the process of been able to minister to the Nations. We have recently been able to minister God’s Word to a multicultarul audience. 


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