Covenant Series#8

©®Now concerning the Covenant Series, for a while I have been offline, due to some situations which I rather don’t want to share a this time. But now  that I am on this matter, I will try to continue DV. Hopefully I should be able to carry on where we left off last time.9ad98-genesis2b12bvs2b42babraham2bconvenant2bfather2bof2bmany2bnations 

For we have a Covenant with our Lord, through that which Christ Jesus has done for us. For He who knew no sin, became sin for us. He died in our stead, as the living sacrifice. Yes He is the Sacrificial Lamb of God which was slain before the foundation of the world. He was in the beginning with God. Yes He is God in flesh.

It is recorded in Jn.1:1-14. Where it is recorded that all things were created, made b in and through Him. He made a promise to His Crown Creation, right in the beginning of time. He promised Adam, Eve, Noah and also to Abraham and his descendants. He is the Seed of the woman, the Promised Seed of Abraham (see Gal. 3:15-17; Gen 3:15).

He came with the sole reason, to become sin in our place. Before Abraham was He is. Abraham looked forward to His coming day. For He revealed Himself to Abraham, in time past (Gen 15-17). YHVH made His Covenant with Abraham, even an Everlasting Covenant which still stands today. He promised that through Abraham’s Seed all the nations would be exceedingly Blessed. his Seed is none other than Christ Jesus our Lord! He is Messiah!

Through out Scripture we find the Lord speak o His Covenant. This Covenant is the Covenant of Grace, sealed through the shed Blood of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew). For without the shedding of blood there would be no remission of sin. This is the major reason, Christ came to Earth, to become sin for us; reconciling us back to God!

For many centuries, since the beginning of time, God made a way for us to be drawn back to Him, despite our sin, iniquity and shortcomings. He remains our Loving Heavenly Father, Creator of all things Heavens Above t the Earth beneath and all things under the Earth.

So great is His Love for us. He made a way to draw us back to Him. So much so that He chose to forgive us our every sin, when we call upon Him   (i.e. His Name!)! For whoever calls on His Name will not be disappointed. More about this next time.

to be continued  Covenant Series#9





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