Charlene is following Yeshua in a Hebrew way! Here’s her story.

I am probably the “queen of baptisms”.  In my teen years my brother-in-love (law) invested his prayer life and spiritual walk into sharing the gospel of Jesus with me in every way possible.  He loved washing and shining cars, so every weekend he would take my car, wash and wax it and bring it back.  When I got in it to go somewhere I would find scriptures everywhere, the ashtray, glove compartment, anywhere there was an opening there was a scripture.  I grew to expect this.  I was young, enjoying life and blew it off.

    He was relentless in ensuring me that I needed a relationship with God through Jesus, His Son.  So eventually I gave in to Joe, (my brother-in-love, not Jesus), and prayed with him.  Next step he says, baptism.  OK, I say and I get baptized.  Of course I wasn’t serious, just getting Joe off my back.  So months go by and he realizes this and informs me that I am not living a life that pleases God. So I pray again and get baptized again.  This happened several times during my teenage life.  Hence the “queen of baptisms”.

    I am certainly not proud of this record, but it served God’s purpose.  By age 23, on July 4th in 1976, sitting outside on a wooden swing the Spirit of God gently nudged me and I knew immediately what I had to do.  Sitting there all alone I ask God to forgive me of my sins, wash me in the blood of Jesus and allow me to have a relationship with God the Father. .I am born again. .Praise God!!!  Needless to say, I am very grateful for the fruitful and relentless seeds Joe sowed in the soil of my heart.  He is enjoying his rest with the Lord now.  I’ll be seeing you, Joe..


    Fourteen years ago God gifted me with an unbelievable hunger for His word.  I took several training classes with Precepts International and became a Bible study leader.  In 2009 God led my husband and me to Israel. It was the first of 9 trips, so far.   On that first trip God gave me a passion for His people and the Hebrew language.  I knew that I had to learn Hebrew and understand the Jewish culture; and so my journey began. I have taken two Biblical Hebrew and two Conversational Hebrew Courses..  But still I find I have so much more to learn.  I can read Hebrew and pronounce the words but don’t understand a lot of what I’m reading.  

     In October of last year I was able to be in Israel for a month with a friend of mine.  We were on tour with Skip Moen and his group, then caught up with Ron Cantor and his group, then she and I stayed 8 days in the Old City Jerusalem.  What an amazing time!


   I found “HolyLanguage.com” while searching the web for the translation of a verse in the Bible and immediately joined the club.  Since becoming a member of the Holy Language Tribe I am taking advantage of every opportunity they offer which are many.  I am enjoying Izzy’s “Verses” and some much needed “Hebrew Grammar” from Derek.  I am very grateful to all of you who volunteer your time for us.  I give thanks to God for you all; for your ministry and faithfulness.  I pray that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would bless you all far above all you could ask or think!

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