Pass the thought test


Be-FlexibleI believe that each of us needs to pass the test that God has given for our thoughts. Did you know there was a test? God has given us a very clear guideline as to what we should focus our thoughts on if we want our minds to prosper. It is an 8-point test that we need to subject our minds and thoughts to.

Philippians 4:8  says that we should focus our thoughts on the following things:

  1. whatever is true,
  2. whatever is noble,
  3. whatever is right,
  4. whatever is pure,
  5. whatever is lovely,
  6. whatever is admirable
  7. if anything is excellent
  8. or praiseworthy

How often our minds and our thoughts are focused on everything but these things. Is it any wonder we are weak, poor and sick? Begin to evaluate your thoughts and begin to see if they pass this test. If they do not then begin to substitute them with the…

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