Success comes through Teamwork

 Success through Teamwork

Building a team
Team Building


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How can one make or have a successful career without the people around you? A fairly good question, I believe. Some of the most successful people I believe, although started small, had to rely on others to bring them to where they are now. I don’t believe I am the only person who may think this way. Both in the present era and times past, history tells their story.

I am of course referring to the recent successes found in the news. Although I do not often read the newspapers for obvious reasons. There has been so much negativie news, when listening, watching or reading the news headlines. We know that death and life are found in the power of our tongue.

Also that which we allow in through our ears eyes etc. We hear so much negative bad reports, one oft wonders if there is still any good news. When referring to success coming through team work, I tend to look at the different sports men and women. Including the successful entertainers, bussiness people, have a strong team who stand behind them.

They also happen believe in their leadership’s dream or vision. They also are prepared to take ownership with their colleagues. The leaders, managers, or champions, need also to believe in their personnel, who work with and for them. there is an old english expression, which states, a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

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