Bible Daily Devotional – Psalm 16 – The Path of Life

Like brother Lawrence, we daily need to practice the Presence of God.


The Path of Life: Psalm 16


Today’s reading: Psalms 9-16.

There are circles in life – the cycle of the seasons, the circle of water from sea to cloud and back – but when it comes to people I think God much prefers the line to the circle. Our lives have a path, a direction, a trajectory, a beginning and end. God believes in new beginnings where grace enters through humility and forgiveness to set us back on the right path, but it is the same path. There are no Groundhog Day do-overs and no reincarnations. Time is moving without fail from the beginning of creation to the final day when God judges us all and brings time to an end. This is the only life, the only path, we have.

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