Now We’ll Never Know


73419e0c2988b20c39e4a0dfb5ffd3ef[1]so cuteLook into these precious eyes and tell me she doesn’t feel anything? Look into these eyes and tell me that her life doesn’t count? Look upon her face, her hair, her eyes, her skin and tell me she wasn’t in the womb, beautifully and wonderfully made? How many must cry out for the lives of those aborted before someone listens to their tears? “A Mother’s Heart Denied ” I wrote about the aching of the heart of a childless woman.  This poem approaches these precious little lives from a different perspective.

‘Mother who acted on her “CHOICE”:’

When I found out you were in fact  for real#Life. #stopabortion The Lord has a plan for all, since they are conceived, since when is it our CHOICE to end that life?

Not letting myself believe, dream or feel.

There was no time in my scheduled life for a child,

For being  a Mother and a wife, that’s just too wild!

Taking care of it was the simple fix,

Just get rid of “it” was…

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  1. Oh, How I wish the rest of the page was here. I’m afraid people won’t follow the little “view original”. Thank you ever so much for reblogging a part of my heart. Debbie


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