The battle in the mind

We ‘re often reminded in Scripture; to take every thought Captive; bringing it into obedience to Christ. My brother in the Lord, Andrew Roebert, touches on this here. Therefore let us heed, to what my brother in the Lord. Is wring here; Thanks Andrew once again for touching on this meditation.


Overcome! Don't give the devil a foothold
I have discovered that the major battles we face are battles in our minds. This is one of the major avenues the devil uses to gain access and get the foothold he wants in our lives.  When we begin to entertain the thoughts that the devil plants in our minds, they can grow to become an unmanageable problem.

I have seen, especially in young men, how they are tempted. The difference between those who fall and those who stand depends on the initial reaction and whether or not they entertained that temptation.

What do I mean by entertaining these things? Often times the devil gets a foothold with a thought. It happened in the Garden of Eden. Once the thought is there we have a choice to make. Will we dwell and ponder on that thought and in the process entertain it or will we deal with in there and then.  Our major…

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