Madiba we Salute U

Madiba we salute u

Madiba we salute u

*South Africa Turn to the Lord*

‘Tis time for the nation to turn to the Lord.

Madiba has passed, may his legacy remain. May Our Lord raise up a thousand Madibas, to stand in his shoes. Let the Lord be Glorified in SA. Let God’s dream, plan vision for the nation be sustained. Madiba we shall miss u.

“O Lord raise up Righteous Leaders.

Lord raise up God Fearing, Righteous Leaders.

O Lord raise up More God Fearing, Righteous, Holy Spirit guided leaders. May SA be always lead by Holy Spirit filled leaders.

Church of God; Stand Up!

Church of God in SA stand up to take your place, for the Lord our God to spare our nation from iniquitous leaders Father spare South Africa, so she shall stand for You in these days, times & seasons in Jesus Name we pray. Amen & Amen!

South Africa remember to continually walk in the spirit of reconciliation. Let us live for the Lord. Let us built on the right foundation. Let us learn to walk in God’s Love, & forgiveness towards each other.

Let’s celebrate Mandela today. Let’s build; with the right building blocks. Madiba remains one of our biggest; greatest sons of South Africa. A great son of Africa.

Let us remember to give God all the Glory, for that which He does. Let’s pray the Lord raise up men & women of God; to step in Madiba’s shoes.

Let’s seek the Lord, while He still can be found. South Africa, stand up; into the fullness; of your Godly Stature!

Together in His Harvest
Ian R Lottering dd 2013-Dec-06

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