Like a Mighty Rushing Wind

Jesus is always God’s Facebook revealing Himself to us. The Sure Foundation on which we build. The eye of the storm. The Good Shepherd Who always leads His Sheep, who seeks and finds that which is lost. The Author & Finisher of our Faith>

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

There are no “Perfect Storms.” They come with hard rain, thunder, lightning and golf ball sized hail.

But there is no comparison to the tornado or hurricane that hits you blindsided.

Before the days of or “storm chasers” often the oceans stirred up the vileness of nature before land knew what hit it.

Life throws curves that at times can knock us off our feet. Once down, getting up can be the hardest action to pursue.  All the human strength in the world can’t lift us out of the “muck and mire” dumped on our heads.

So many people are hurting.

So many are sunk in the depths of blame and shame over uncontrollable circumstances.

So many are harboring anger, resentment and bitterness over lies spoken they never knew were lies.

The truth is there is hope no matter how powerful the storms rage around us.

You see…

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  1. Thank you for all of your kind words and for the reblog! God is a mighty deliverer and faith builder. Many have connected to Christ through wordpress. And many of us lend support to each other just like church family. God is truly amazing! Blessings!


    • My sister in the Lord it is only a pleasure. Together we’re able to take this world and its media for the Lord’s Kingdom purpose. In fact let us make use of ev’ry available means for the furtherance of this Gospel of the Kingdom.


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