Arise Shine_ _ _

U r my strength

U r my strength

He is alive

He is alive

“Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” Isaiah 60:1 (y).
I mediate on knowing that God’s glory is already on me. God’s favor, blessing and splendour is on me in a heavy way. I am dripping with God’s goodness.
My attitude is:-
“I am heavy with expectation. I believe for big things. There are great things in store for me in my future! I am not weighted down, not with burdens, not with problems I am weighted down with the favor of God”.
I choose for me to arise and shine because His glory, His Favor, His kindness and His goodness is heavy upon me!*fly*.
A Prayer for today: ❤ <3. Heavenly Father, I come to You today with an open and humble heart. I know that Your glory is upon me. I thank You for Your favor upon me, and I thank You for Your anointing power which breaks every yoke and moves me into the freedom and blessing in Jesus' name. Amen ;;)

thank U Lord

thank U Lord

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4 thoughts on “Arise Shine_ _ _

  1. No! It is not, nor e’er has been about me!

    Rather! It is about Jesus Christ, being Lord of my life.

    *Always Remember;* Jesus 1st loved us! This is why He came, died in our place! Arose from death & the grave, ascended into heraven & is definitely coming again!

    Are you ready to meet your Creator? Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth & the Life. Nobody can come to the Father, except through; Christ Jesus our Lord (see Jn, 14:6-15).

    Father God, I come to You in Jesus Name!
    I repent of my/our sin; confess with my/our mouth/s the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Father God; I/we believe in my/our heart/s; You raised Him, (Jesus); from the dead, and because of this: –

    LORD JESUS; I/we believe I/we shall be saved when I/we call on Your Name for my/our Salvation..

    Lord You tell us/me when we/I believe in You as Lord of our/my life; we/i shall not be ashamed!

    We/I believe in our/my heart unto Righteousness, and with our/my mouth/s confess our/my Salvation, in Jesus Name we/I pray! AMEN & AMEN!!!

    Together in the Lord’s Harvest
    Ian R Lottering
    Administrator/ Founder: –
    dd: – 2013-08-11

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    1. Thank you so much for highlighting the importance of thankfulness and gratitude to God. The main purpose of God creating us in the first place is to acknowledge His Sovereignty in life to praise Him for His Goodness.
      However, it seems sometimes God is seen as the supermarket goods list supplier Who is to cater for what is on the list. This means concentrating only on blessings received from God’s Hands rather than have intimate fellowship in His Presence to Love and Appreciate Him for Who He Really Is as the Great I AM. Thanks and God bless you for following God’

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