the impossible made possible(Sons of Abraham prts 1-4

When referring to the impossible made, impossible, we can take a look at scriptural examples, of these things. When referring to my former studies or posts on Fertiileground icw Abraham, real sons or children of Abraham. we find the walk of Abraham was and had being a life of faith.
We see the Lord doing the impossible, for Abraham.
First our Lord, calls him, from out of his kindred, his family, his nation, and from out of his people. He obeys, leaving the familiar, for the unfamiliar!
Then he finds out his wife Sarah is barren; what then does he need do, seeing both he and Sarah, are getting along in years?
Abraham, being the father of faith, goes and speaks to the Lord, his God, concerning this matter. He reminds the Lord, of His Promises, which his Lord made to him
Together in the Lord’s Harvest
Ian R Lottering
Fb: IanLotter
Dd 01 march2013


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