there is coming a change

Dear Elijah Lists;
Peace be with you all. We greet you in the most beautiful and most wonderful Name of our Lord & Master; Jesus Christ, our Messiah.
I am writing you to share a recent dream I had; the morning, ± 03H10 27 April 2012.
I would like you to test, and would appreciate any Godly, prophetic interpretation.
After reading some of the prophetic words, received from you. I feel they. may have similarities.
This is now the dream which I had recently:

“27 April 2012”
At ± 03:10 this morning, I had awakened, my wife next to my side, the previous day we made mention of India, the Indian believers and all believers, through out the world.
We pray regularly for all believers through out the world, as the Lord directs us, through His Spirit. We also pray regularly, for facebook and our facebook friends.
it was while praying in the spirit, at this time, when falling asleep ± 03h30 this morning when I had the dream.
While falling asleep: I saw as if I was running with no shirt or top on. Immediately,
I came to what seemed to be stairs. I had run up the stairs, into what seemed to be political offices, and personnel. I entered through the door of the parliament, and these governmental officers.
Then the scene changed again. I was with a lot of people covered with brown, filth etc. As I carried on, I entered a door of which seemed to be an arena, this later changed to a big building, with plenty of people, coming in through the press. Some of which I greeted, I saw my, one brother, and his family come past me .
I heard someone calling my name, and pointing to the people, where I am. My family was with me,( wife & children.) There were people who ran to where I was. .
While there was praise and worship , and all this activity, the whole auditorium, turned round and round. First slowly, then faster
While this building was turning around and. Increasing in speed, it started raining, clear, clear. Actually it was crystal clear.
First a couple of drops, then a torrent. Falling on all the people. Washing all the filth and brown off.

“I asked the Lord”

I asked the Lord what the meaning of this was. He said there is a change coming, in the governments of the world.
Not just in the governments of the world; (including South Africa); but also in the church.
The Lord is raising a new breed of Believers up. They who will stop at nothing, to get the Word out.
These will move in greater authority than their forbears. The Lord, is raising them(us) up; to rule and reign with Him in greater authority, than before.
These are a new breed of apostles and prophets.(Apostolic and prophetic anointing is on their lives.).
They shall stop at nothing to get the Word of God out. They are a radical, anointed people. Totally sold out to the Lord, our God.
Now before I awoke, I heard as if it were the Lord, telling me:-
“I am going to raise you up, in greater authority than before, and you will, rule and reign with Me, forever.”
Praise the Lord!
Glory to Your Name, O Lord!
Help us Lord, to be able to, rule and reign, with You; in all wisdom and all understanding, both in this world and the world to come.

Together in the Lord’s Harvest
Ian & Joan Lottering
15 May 2012

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